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Aisle Seat Appreciation Society

| Friday 8th December, 2023

Reading this post [average aisle seat enjoyer] over at, made me realise… that’s me, too!

I have exactly the same sentiments, especially on long-haul… ooh… a nice view for fifteen minutes at each end of the twelve-hour flight.

Not for me, thanks. I’d like to get up whenever I like (which is handy because I do drink a lot [of water, not talking alcohol here] and pee a lot!). I get fidgety and uncomfortable so the ability to roam the cabin without disturbing people is super. And I hadn’t really thought about checking out the trolley, but for some reason I do enjoy checking out the backs of people’s shoulders and arms and the sliver of magazine or movie you can see as you peer down the aisle.

We should totally start an aisle-seat appreciation society.

Actually, maybe we shouldn’t. Then other people would start taking our precious seats.

We should definitely start a petition to ban middle seats, though. They just absolutely suck, am I right?

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