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Around The World

| Saturday 25th May, 2024

I cannot describe how excited I was! An hour into my flight home from Japan I brought up the interactive map to see how far we’d come… and to my amazement, we were travelling east.

To get to Japan a couple of weeks ago, the Japan Airlines flight had headed south across Europe and the Black Sea and over the ‘stans’. It annoyed me at the time to see us fly for several hours without getting any closer to Japan – all because of Russia’s aggression and the fact we couldn’t fly over Siberia.

But now we were travelling east again. We came back over Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

Which means…

Oh yes.

Which means I’ve officially been right around the world! I’ve had one more night than I should have done. Trying to get my brain to comprehend this has been tough.

I wondered how many people can say they’ve been right round the world. Most people will go out and back to their holiday (or business) destinations. I’m willing to bet it’s a very small percentage of the population.

And now I’m one of them!

I always had “cross the equator” on my bucket list (not achieved yet), but I never thought to put the International Date Line on there. It’s such an unlikely thing to cross when you literally live a couple of degrees from the Greenwich Meridian.


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