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| Wednesday 3rd January, 2024

I had a date booked in for Boxing Day.

I was passing his home town on the way back from my trip to see my dad for Christmas so we arranged that I’d get in touch on the morning to confirm the location he’d picked.

I was a little nervous… I haven’t dated for some sixteen years.

On the day, I caught up and asked where we’d be meeting and was met with the reply: “Sorry, can’t do tonight, I’ve arranged to meet friends… I can do any other day this week.”

I was chatting with my best gay friend and climbing buddy today about it… she was quite upset for me. But I was having none of it… “If he’s an inconsiderate asshole, I’d rather find out straight away!”

I didn’t for one minute take it to mean there’s anything wrong with me, or that it was somehow my fault. I simply replied “Its ok thanks, I’ll pass”, blocked and moved on.

Yes. I’d definitely rather find out straight away!


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