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Back On Form

| Wednesday 18th October, 2023

I’ve been eating trash lately… life’s been busy and I’ve been abandoning my needs to a level that isn’t really helpful.

But at the climbing wall today I took it easy to start with, and then slowly took on tougher and tougher climbs until I was back on form with what might have been close to my limit only six months ago.

I didn’t really climb to my current limit except on one competition climb where my fingers complained after just a few moves.

Commitment time… stick to the healthy, nutritious diet… get plenty of sleep… don’t fall for the booze trap again (after four and half months off I had one pint recently, then three pints ten days later… we’re now ten days past that and the effects are definitely wearing off). And then have fun and climb hard.

I think I may have had some kind of bug as well, draining my energy, giving one of those “not really there but there enough to be annoying” headaches.

But for sure, it’s nice to be climbing back close to my better ability… climbing has really taught me to look after my body; the more weight I lose, the more I keep off booze, the healthier the food I eat… well, the better I climb. No question.



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