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Big Floppy People 06 (The Tune)

| Sunday 12th November, 2023

I’ve just been digging on some old web archives and have found a load of the work I did in the demoscene between 1992 and 2006.

This was one of my favourite chiptunes, released at the Big Floppy People party in Sweden (Helsingborg?) in 2006.

Listen/Download Here: Alchemist-Big-Floppy-People-06.mp3

It was written on an Atari ST using MaxYMiser [].

I can’t remember how well it did in the competition*, but I know it made it onto a podcast many years later (that I will try to dig out, but can’t remember the details right now).

[*edit: I didn’t enter it on its own, it was part of an Atari ST demo that came third in its class]

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