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| Saturday 13th April, 2024

Right now I’m in an AirBNB on the opposite side of town from my old house. It’s exactly the same distance—around ten minutes’ walk—but things couldn’t be more different…

I thought I was tired of my home town. It’s dreary. It’s run-down. There is litter and dog poo everywhere.

Turns out that isn’t true. Turns out that was just the end of town I was living in. And I honestly didn’t realise this fact until I got my AirBNB.

I’ve walked into town twice now, yesterday evening and this morning. Each time was pleasant, walking along quiet residential streets with interesting gardens, and the most notable thing, the birdsong. Because it’s near a couple of large parks and because there are actually plants in the vicinity, the place is full of birds. And because it’s quiet, you can hear them.

I didn’t realise that the view from my last house is pretty much completely devoid of any form of greenery. The walk to town is devoid of any form of greenery.

Nature is important. Really important.

No wonder I was feeling jaded.

I have a rental property booked that looks out onto a grassy square with large willow trees. There’s also an old clay pit converted into a lake that’s just five minutes’ walk from my front door.

I didn’t realise how important this stuff was.

Nineteen years in that house and I never realised what I was missing out on.

Well, at least I know now…

In other news, I highly recommend booking an AirBNB on the opposite side of town from where you live. It gives you a whole new perspective on the place. You have to take new routes, you see different things first, you experience your town through new eyes.

[edit: interestingly, as I posted this under the ‘nature‘ tag, I realised I have another post where I do, indeed, talk about a tree on the walk from my old house into town… so I was wrong, there is nature… it’s just quite limited]

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