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Blind Spots

| Tuesday 16th January, 2024

I have some of the strangest blind spots when I’m playing chess.

The first is that bishops can go backwards. The number of times I blunder a piece because I’m deep in enemy territory and fail to notice that the bishop deep within my territory can back right up and take my piece.

The other is possibly even more alarming… I completely forget that pawns can take pieces. Seriously. The number of times I either place a piece diagonal to a pawn, or allow a pawn to move and threaten a piece and do nothing to move away. It’s crazy!

Pawns are fascinating aren’t they? So weak, yet also so powerful. A good pawn structure can be the difference between a win and a loss. And the way they block the board up. I actually have a game on the go at the moment where I’ve decimated my opponent. I’m eleven points up, but I still have eight pawns, still on their original files. It actually means I can’t get my rooks into the game at all!

But enough of that… the big question is: how do I stop myself falling for those blind spots? It really is quite frustrating!

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