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Draining Beans

| Friday 17th November, 2023

I’ve always drained my pulses when cooking (except for baked beans, of course – the juice is clearly intended to be eaten with the beans)

But that very question of baked beans got me thinking… can you eat the juice from other pulses? Am I wasting something good by rinsing it away?

And it turns out that yes, the “bean broth” found in tinned pulses is both delicious and useful (it can be helpful to drain the beans and keep the broth for flavouring/thickening/thinning things)

The only caveat I’ve read online is that the juice may be high in sodium. But all the beans I have in my cupboard are unsalted so I don’t think that’s an issue.

Some (not all) do contain calcium carbonate which is not an ingredient generally found in a kitchen and may, therefore, class those beans as “ultra-processed food” (i.e. not food)

More investigation to be done, but this has opened my eyes to a new world of nutrition, and when you’re limiting your options to plant-based ones that’s a good thing!

(Yes, I committed once again to a vegan lifestyle. I know I’m not getting the validation and support I need around me yet, but after a really good session with my therapist I released that my self-esteem is predicated very much on being true to my personal values. If no-one else has got my back, I can—and do—at least have my own!)


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