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Honeymoon Over

| Thursday 14th December, 2023

The 600 elo chess honeymoon is over. I previously wrote about how I’d stepped to a new level and hadn’t lost a game.

Now I’ve lost games. In fact, having reached 49.9th percentile, I’m now back somewhere near 48 and perilously close to my rating dropping back under 600.

And you know what? That’s fine. What’s a number anyway?

If I continue playing chess I might waver, I might drop below 600. I will probably go back over again… I still have plenty to learn and definitely have enough brain power to learn it! I have absolutely not hit my peak yet.

If I don’t play, however, I will definitely not improve.

So what do I want to do? Preserve my 600 rating for the sake of my ego, or play, learn, have fun and riskna temporary drop?

I wonder if this is a rehash of exactly what I wrote when I wrote “scared to play“.

I’m really starting to understand my insecurities around perfection, and chess is really helping that!

I do, however, have to visit a concept at least seven times before it actually clicks

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