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I Bought A Car

| Sunday 14th April, 2024

Having just sold the house on Friday and waved my incredibly-soon-to-be-ex wife off on Saturday, our shared car went with her.

Actually it was her car. I got rid of my car in 2020 when I’d only done 3,000 miles in it in the space of twelve months. I figured I could rent when I needed to, and my wife was happy for me to use hers when she wasn’t using it.

So yesterday lunch-time I found myself completely wheel-less.

I’ve been thinking about getting a van, something I can camp stealthily in… travel to film shoots and stay overnight nearby, then check out the local area next day. Or go to the pub, drink too much to drive, sleep in the van then leave next day.

But over just the last forty-eight hours or so, as I stay in my AirBNB I have come to realise a few things…

really like having a toilet, shower, bath and bed nearby.

really like having a room I can go to, relax in, have a space with a lock and room to just be me.

I really don’t like messing around with limited space, having to be super-organised, move one thing out of the way in order to get another thing out. (My AirBNB is a single room in a shared house, and in order to put my laptop on the desk I have to remove the mirror…)

I’m also—and this pertains to the second, pub, scenario—not really planning to drink much alcohol going forward. Maybe none.

And so it came to me that if I spend half what I was going to spend on a van on a car instead, I can then allocate the remaining half to a hotel budget. It’s the kind of money that will allow me to stay in pretty much any hotel I like (because I don’t like anything too fancy), as often as I like… and I get that bed and bath and shower and toilet and private space.

And so I had a quick look online and found the same make and model that I’d already been enjoying, one owner, low mileage and a decent price. So I went and test-drove this morning and put down a deposit.

Without having the contract on my new place signed I didn’t want to invite difficulties by doing the official paperwork today! The plan is to pick up my keys tomorrow, then insure and collect the car.

The other upside is that the insurance is £100 cheaper on the car. And a bigger upside is that while the van’s road tax was going to be £600 per year, the car is free. Can’t argue with that! Even more hotel budget!

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