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I Made A Shop

| Monday 29th April, 2024

Funny. I talked about creating a t-shirt a little while back.

That has now become a shop. []

And interestingly as a Manifesting Generator (if you’re going to believe in Human Design), I require something to respond to in order to make my best creations.

And I was handed just one of those things the other day… I was wearing my Bunny Tee and someone said they really loved it, and also that they liked zombies.

“So if I created a cute zombie bunny tee, you’d buy one?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah!” was the response.

And so I did.

And she did.

If I can sell 1,000 t-shirts per month, this could be my full-time job! How hard can it be?! (Yes, I know… that would be pretty hard, all told)

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