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I Was ALWAYS Tattooed and Pierced

| Thursday 7th December, 2023

I got my first piercing (PA) in my mid 30s. (And took it out four months later). It wasn’t visible.

I then got a couple of hideable piercings in 2021 (PA + Septum)

It was only February this year when I got my first piercing that was permanently visible (Industrial). It was a huge step. And it has slowly transformed my life as I become more and more comfortable with the idea of having an identity, and expressing that identity out into the world. (The CPTSD had made me think those things would put me in danger and get me in trouble.)

I used to pop my septum piercing up or down depending on where I would be, who I would be with, and how secure I was feeling about myself.

But since getting my Industrial and then a Double Helix in July, my Septum has been on show permanently. There’s really something about “This is me” now.

And then I got my first tattoo in October, which I always said I wouldn’t get because I’m not a “permanent” kinda guy.

I’ve come to realise that I was always tattooed and pierced… I just didn’t know it. I didn’t think I was the ‘sort of person’ who did that kind of thing. I’ve dealt with all sorts of baggage and judgement from childhood about the ‘sort of person’ who gets tattooed and pierced.

But since I’m enjoying the adolescence I never had, I’m loving every bit of it.

Now I just need to figure what I’d like to do when I grow up 🙂

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