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What is an Interstitionary?

There is an excellent article by Jennifer Brandel [Orion Magazine – Invisible Landscapes] that talks about the interstitium system in the human body, and how that relates to the vocation of Interstitionary.

In short, and Interstitionary is someone who connects all the other parts together. They seem to have no definable function and, indeed, a job title is incredibly hard to generate… they are a verb, not a noun (which is interesting because I have written about that [Daily Journal – Constant Change] on my Daily Journal at

We are incredibly hard to define, but also incredibly valuable as the glue that holds projects, organisations and people together. We take everything we’ve learnt from the many, many pies we’ve had fingers in and apply those learnings to other fields.

(A great example is my work in web design agencies, where we applied the mantra I learnt from an Indian Restaurant owner to our customer service… “get poppadoms and drinks on the table and the customers will be happy to wait”)

If you think you might need an interstitionary, let’s have a chat (email in the footer)… it might be me, or it might be someone else… I’m happy to help you figure out what we can do for you!

Last updated: 9th December, 2023 (3 months ago)

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