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Japan ’08 – Day 8

| Tuesday 12th August, 2008

I wrote a set of notes for each day while we were in Japan. Sometimes at the end of the day, sometimes a day or so later. On occasion, if we were enjoying ourselves too much, the notes were very brief. Day eight was one of those days. My notes read, in their entirety…

Best technotoilet (lid opens on entry!)
Ice cream flavour: Green Tea

That’s it.

We had been implored, before our trip, that we must visit the eastern mountains (Higashiyama) of Kyoto, and so that’s what we did…

First, we walked miles and miles and miles to get to the tube network. I say network… from yesterday’s post, you’ll remember it’s essentially a pair of lines in a “plus” shape. So, on at shijo, change at karasuma oike and off at keage. This brought us to Nanzenji Temple and the southern end of the Philosopher’s Walk, named after a philosophy professor at the university who used this walk for his daily constitutional.

The walk itself is a couple-of-mile canal-side ramble with more temples and shrines than you can shake a bō at. The route itself is very straightforward – with only a couple of tea shops to show for its popularity. It’s the diversions from the path which really make it. Apparently, during cherry blossom season, the area is packed with people, but since we were out of season we had a much quieter time. Every side path has something different, and it was always good to turn off and meet someone coming the other way saying “Wow… this one’s definitely worth it… make sure you check out the thatched gate, and make sure you have a chat with the guy playing the harmonica”.

[Note 2023: Restoring these blogs from the past, I have the text but not the photos, so you’ll have to make do with bullet points and your imagination!]

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