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Letting Go of Marketing Habits

| Thursday 16th November, 2023

I’ve studied marketing. A lot. I’ve won awards and I’ve twice been the COO of marketing companies.

And the habits I’ve picked up have ingrained themselves in a way I’m not happy with.

You see, this site is done for the love of it. Not for reward. Not for engagement. Not for views and likes. It’s done in an attempt to exercise my ability to discover and express my authentic self.

So when I realised that I’d put a “call to action” on my projects page [now removed], inviting you to get in touch and hire me, I realised I was falling into those old habits.

When I wrote “This site does not track you and sets no cookies” in the footer, I was working from that place that assumes that everything is tracked and monetised.

When I wrote a page about why this site is so boring, I realised I was justifying its values and aesthetics from that place of excess, hustle, more, materialism. And I changed it to be a celebration, not an apology.

I would like to get involved in interesting projects, whether financially rewarding or not. But I’d like to start with the bigger reward of connecting with the myriad fascinating people out there who are questioning the norms and doing interesting stuff, some of it for the love of it, some of it to help their fellow humans (or non-human animals).

For isn’t that what life is really about? Connection, compassion, helping out, support, assistance, love, joy, peace…?

Marketing takes all of that and puts it in a box of metrics and ROI, and it sucks all the soul out of it. There’s a phrase I love that is: “We are not human doings, we are human beings.” It seems that late-stage capitalism and excessive marketing is trying to turn the marketers into “Human Gettings” and the consumers into “Human Commodities”.

The Life Explorer

I’ve been falling out with my main business, The Life Explorer, recently. And I realise it’s because I’ve been drifting away from my values.

In order to get clicks and likes and views and engagement I’ve used AI to generate a number of articles, hoping that Google SEO will pick them up. I’ve registered a LinkedIn account, despite famously—amongst my friends—eschewing all social media.

My mission with the project is: to help one million people to let go of their mental and emotional conditioning and thrive as their authentic selves.

AI-generated articles are far from authentic. I was falling for the ‘should’ again. I do it time and time again. It’s a consequence of people-pleasing that comes from childhood trauma.

And so I have made a commitment, today, to replace all of the AI-generated content with human-generated content. Or let’s not even call it content. With writing. With thought transference. With compassionate, joyful, helpful writing that hopefully finds someone’s soul and helps it to heal.

Our Duty

Jaron Lanier talks about our “affirmative responsibility to invent and demonstrate ways to live without the crap that is destroying society.” and I agree. I have spent many years inventing ways to live that are sustainable, peaceful, slow and all the things that the Matrix seems to see as ‘unsuccessful’.

It’s been a long road, and old habits die hard. But part of the purpose of this site is the “demonstrate” part of Lanier’s quote.

I’m toying with the idea of shifting my mindset on The Life Explorer too. Take any ideas of commercialism out of it and trust that the universe will provide what I need to sustain myself and the mission. As a small-web reader, and if you got this far, I’d love to hear your views on that… you can contact me on the address in the footer.

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