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Letting Go of YouTube

| Tuesday 5th December, 2023

When YouTube started blocking ad-blockers I relented and paid my £12.99 for Premium.

It’s actually really nice that there are no longer the ads that there were when I watch on my TV (my PC and phone were adblocked already)

But in the interests of getting off social media I wonder if I should(*) get off YouTube too… it’s a data-collecting platform, a perfect example of late-stage capitalism, it’s owned by one of those massive corporates, and it’s a huge time-sink to boot.

I’ve easily let go of Facebook (a good while ago), LinkedIn and Reddit so I am able to let go of channels that I have previously been engaged with. But YouTube feels different somehow.

On the plus side, there are some wonderful Irish music tutorials, and lots of tunes to get inspired by. And entertaining—and inspiring—channels too… I do love a bit of Yes Theory and Abroad in Japan.

Interestingly, though, I’m pretty sure there is more than a lifetime of content available on the small web. Text only. (Or, of course, books!)

I am undecided right now…

I am open to the wise counsel of others… if you’re reading this and you have ditched YouTube, or have found you can’t, or have any other opinion, please leave a comment…

(* ‘Should’ is always a trap… maybe the question is “do I want to get off YouTube?”)

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