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Magic Money

| Thursday 9th May, 2024

So I went to change my money for an upcoming trip to Japan. I received some ¥2,000 notes and something inside me tingled… I’m sure I know something about those…

Yep… looking it up it seems they’re really rare in mainland Japan (Okinawa is another matter – they’re popular because the picture on them represents Shureimon, the gate a Shuri Castle in Naha, Okinawa).

Anyway, one Reddit poster demonstrates their rarity with this story:

Just tried to use a 2000 yen note at a cafe in Nara and the lady was surprised and said it was very rare. Then we pulled out another and another just to see the difference (not understanding that it wasn’t just a one off but all 2000 notes). She then applauded like we’d done a magic trick. Anyways, we have probably 10 of them from a currency exchange in Canada.

Well, I just picked up fifty-one of them today. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of magic tricks!

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