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Miming Is Weird

| Monday 12th February, 2024

I was watching some classic 90’s Top of the Pops and it suddenly struck me… I can’t remember which band was playing… but it went off in my brain like a firework…

Bands miming on stage. It’s really weird.

So they get a bunch of musicians to jig about on a stage with instruments, pretending to play. There might be live vocals. But the instruments… just playing make-believe.

It’s so strange. And wholly inauthentic. Maybe that’s what bugs me. As someone who goes to a lot of acoustic folk clubs and singarounds, everything in the room is being made by vibrating wire or wood or air in a column or skins… everything you hear is being made by an actual person playing something… manipulating a frankly-amazing piece of equipment that makes wonderful sounds.

I truly love acoustic music because of its authenticity. There’s nowhere to hide, but conversely no-one expects perfection either.

Such a world apart from mainstream pop culture. Money-driven, giving the masses the sounds they want to hear (or think they do).

But miming. Yeah… it’s going to take me a while to get over that one!

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