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More Evidence That I’m An Artist

| Friday 15th March, 2024

Okay. I get it.

I’ve been wanting a t-shirt with a cute bunny on it for a long while. But what I wanted didn’t exist.

So this morning I fired up inkscape, learnt a few more techniques that I needed to create what I wanted, and designed, uploaded and ordered my new t-shirts… available on redbubble if you’re interested [Cute Bunny Classic T-Shirt –]

(With that I also decide to take my site from text-only to allowing a small number of images… here’s the t-shirt…)

Okay. I’m a creator. I’m an artist.

I wonder how many other people decide how they want to express themselves and then use the tools available to create that expression – to bring something into the world that didn’t exist an hour or two ago.

Okay. I get it.

One day my subconscious will accept the fact too.

How did my artist get so deeply buried into my shadow? Well, I know the answer… it’s because my mum shat on any expression of any kind when I was a child… artistic expression, emotional expression… all too scary to allow out. One must be stoic and silent until one learns not to even know they have feelings.

That’s the experience of CPTSD.

THIS is the recovery from it. And I fucking love it.

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