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Moving House And Cancelling BT With Less Than 30 Days Notice

| Thursday 4th April, 2024

An interesting one today. I am moving house in 8 days and wanted to cancel my service (broadband and home phone) with BT.

According to their website, they insist on a 30-day cancellation period. This is fine – I don’t mind paying for 30 days notice. However, I don’t want the next owner of the home to run up a huge bill on my account.

I’m not moving the service to a new property (I’m going to try unlimited 5G tethered to my laptop. I may go for broadband if I need to).

I would love to have given 30 days notice, but we only exchanged the contract of sale last week (as is the case with most house sales). I didn’t want to end up with no service for an extended period if the sale didn’t go through as expected.

So… what’s the solution?

Well, it seems there is a very simple solution.

I explained the problem to the guy on the end of the phone and he moved my cancellation date to the date we’re moving. He did have to check with his tech supervisor before that was every mentioned as a possibility. And I did have to push for it.

I don’t know if this will ever show up in Google as an answer for the question, but if it does I hope it helps someone.

You may need to tell them that it’s possible to change the cancellation date. But it has worked for me.

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