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New Saturday Sessions

| Sunday 3rd December, 2023

I’m so pleased!

I’d been thinking about getting a music session going again soon. I started an acoustic night in September 2022 and although I stopped running it (and, indeed really playing any music) in June, it has continued under new leadership.

But since I’ve been picking up my music again (as other things in my life start to tick over instead of being so overwhelming) I’ve been going to more folk clubs and singarounds. But there just isn’t a good Irish/Celtic session locally.

So, with the help of a violinist buddy, I’ve started one. Well, revamped on that didn’t go very far around February/March this year.

The Saturday Sessions are beginning this coming Saturday, and then every Third Saturday of the month in 2024. The Moonface Brewery & Tap where they’ll run is such a lovely place with amazing people running it. They have been so supportive all along and for that I am exceedingly grateful.

Can’t wait!

(Did I ever mention that I LOVE unamplified music?)


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