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Open Mic

| Wednesday 10th April, 2024

I did my first open mic last night. Interesting!

I’ve done a lot of acoustic folk clubs, singarounds and even ‘perform up at the front’ events with intimate and friendly audiences. However getting in front of a microphone in a pub full of strangers was another matter.

I realised just how big any mistakes become.

But worse than that, my microphone technique sucks. Whenever I’ve recorded myself I’ve generally had my microphone quite far away. However in the live music setting the microphone has to be really close, the reason being that if you turn it up enough to hear you at a distance you get feedback.

But then I don’t know the words of my songs so I had them in my book which was down there. And the mic was up there. So I was kinda doing some sort of contortion to read the words and sing into the mic. Except I wasn’t. I was just not singing into the mic.

So it wasn’t the best performance. But as Julia Cameron says, “You can’t look good and get better at the same time.” so this was very much a ‘getting better’ exercise (especially since I filmed it [] and can learn from any mistakes).

Notwithstanding anything I’ve said, I really enjoyed the experience and I am planning to get better… get my words in a more visible place (or print out large-print prompts rather than the full lyrics), or learn the words… although I had thought of doing the songs where I know the words already, but I figured I would probably forget them with the added pressure of being on stage!

I will do it again. Part of my CPTSD recovery is allowing myself to be visible. To be seen. And being okay with that. Not letting my inner critic stop me from sharing myself with the world. And no matter the outcome of last night, I am so pleased I jumped out of my comfort zone and went for it.

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