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Own Your Data

| Tuesday 17th October, 2023

Something that bugs me greatly is the sheer number of online accounts we need these days.

I get it, making your customers create an account gives your company data and encourages loyalty from the customers.

But from the customers’ point of view—especially when they’re buying a one-off item such as a boiler clock from Screwfix—it’s a pain to register and account for something that should allow a guest check-out.

And worse, that data is sitting there in servers that may or may not be secure – I’m sure you’ve seen the occasional security-breach/details compromised email from places that hold your data.

Thankfully there’s a solution, and it comes in the form of the Own Your Data service at

When I discovered this service, a weight lifted from me.

You can search their database of companies, or if your company of choice isn’t there simply check their privacy policy and type a few details in the boxes on the site.

They then create an email for you to send to the company’s privacy department requesting either deletion or supply of all your personal data.

I’ve had some great success with it, and it’s only a few clicks each time.

The service will even keep track of your submissions and send you updates and ‘what to do next’ emails.

Strongly recommended if you care about digital privacy.


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