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Purging My Body of Rotting Corpses

| Friday 17th November, 2023

I’m on day three of my re-commitment to veganism and it feels good. I forget how much I love plant-based whole foods. And it’s a wonderful feeling to know that those rotting corpses are slowly making their way through and out of my body.

Funny, isn’t it? Well, not funny. Just how quickly meat spoils. It’s basically going off the moment it’s produced. (Euphamism for killed).

Pick an apple and it’ll last, what, a week, two weeks, three weeks, months(?) without any “protective atmosphere” or preservatives getting pumped into it. You can still bite into its juicy goodness.

Try that with a pig. Kill the pig and leave it lying around for a few weeks. Good luck with that.

Some food is full of life, some food is full of death. I choose life.


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