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Racists Are Idiots (Part 2)

| Thursday 14th December, 2023

As I sit here with my first ever Turkish tea, awaiting my third ever Turkish breakfast, I think back to my post about racists being idiots.

My home town is pretty provincial but, thankfully, has a university and that brings life that a non-university town wouldn’t have.

And so there’s a little Turkish cafe.

I didn’t even realise it was Turkish when I first came in (it’s labelled as Turquoise and I didn’t make the connection), especially since everything is painted, you guessed it, turquoise.

But when I went in the first time I saw the Turkish breakfast on the menu. Why the fuck not, I said to myself… And it was delicious.

Well, I was checking the opening times this morning and happened to glance at a review recommending the Turkish tea.

What’s Turkish tea? I figured I’d better find out.

I imagined something sweet and strong and maybe spiced like Chai. But no, what I could glean is that it’s simply black tea (as opposed to green tea), served black (as opposed to ‘with milk’) but with a specific variety of tea, picked at the right time.

So with my Turkish tea in front of me, and my Turkish breakfast on the way, I really feel like I’m on holiday, yet I’m only ten minutes’ walk from my house.

I’d been quite down on my hometown for a while, planning adventure further afield. But it turns out there’s plenty here that I have yet to experience. I just hadn’t noticed.

“Backyard adventure” is fun!

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