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Reset The Environment

| Monday 20th November, 2023

We’re selling the house at the moment and I was getting stressed by the viewings.

Of course, I want to accept viewings because that means potential offers. But the pressure of keeping the house “staged” and the insecurity of having strangers and real-estate agents wandering around while I’m out is taking its toll.

I keep my eye on the prize and so it’s manageable stress. But I got a really good tip today for an positive action that I can take, and that is to:

Reset the environment on your return.

Do something, lighting candles, playing music, untidying something… doing a little ritual to reclaim the space as your own sanctuary once again.

I’m going out in a few minutes to leave room for a viewing and I’m not sure yet what I’ll do when I return… but I’ll think of something. It already feels more positive.


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