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Scared To Play

| Friday 24th November, 2023

I finally reached 600 rating in Rapid Chess at, and it has been a major achievement.

I reached 500 on the 12th of July and then dipped in and out of it again until 11th August. That was a hard month. To get solidly into the 500s, I had to learn new techniques and strategies. But when you’re learning new techniques and strategies your game suffers as you try to integrate your new learning into your old playing style.

I’m now playing much more carefully. I’m spotting my opponent’s set-ups for attack, not just the attacks themselves. I’m starting to use revealed attacks much more.

But I’m scared to play. My fragile ego doesn’t want me to drop below 600, even though I know it’s incredibly likely.

Of course, I could just take the pressure off and play.

You know when you get a new car/phone/musical instrument/whatever and you treat it with kid gloves until it gets it first scratch? After that you can just treat it ‘normally’.

That’s how it feels. I just need to get a big scratch on my lovely new 600 rating and then I won’t care about it so much.

So that’s what I’ll do… play anyway and the outcome is immaterial.

(In other news my current rating puts me at the 48.7th percentile worldwide. I am almosttotally average chess player. Which is also a pretty major achievement! As my best buddy says… being average in a pool of people that’s above average is pretty good.)

Update: I’ve played two games now. Won one, drew one. Now rated 608. I think that’s all my nerves can take for today!


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