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Social Media Gone. Again.

| Sunday 3rd December, 2023

The question isn’t “why do I keep deleting my social media accounts?”

The question is “why do I keep getting hooked into registering them?”

There’s always an excuse.

I want to read a tweet—sorry, an X—and you now have to have an account to read anything on twitter—sorry X.

I want to get a tattoo and the tattoo artist only operates on Instagram.

I get some coaching and the coach says you can’t grow an international business without social media, especially LinkedIn. So I create an account.

In each case I don’t want an account. It’s a “should”.

Did the tweet—sorry, X—bring me any value? Not enough to be worth the trade-off.

Could I have got in touch with the tattoo artist another way? Probably.

Was the coach right? Well, he was fixated on governance and insurance and other things that I really ain’t got time for at my stage of business (and he was factually wrong about employers’ liability insurance… no, you don’t need to have it if you are a sole director).

I must remember my decision to stay off social media. The excuses to sign up are always illusory. We don’t need it. And for me, personally, a little bit of my soul dies every time I hand my details over to those giant corporations monetising people’s privacy.

(I’m not saying you shouldn’t be on there, by the way… you do you!)

I’ve now begun the habit of actually getting people’s phone numbers when I find them interesting. Get their phone number and arrange to grab a coffee to talk about whatever it was that sparked a connection.

So I deleted three social media accounts today with no regret. (In fact, probably the opposite of regret… relief, empowerment, self-determination).

Please—I note to myself—don’t fall for the trap again!

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