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Stepping to a New Level

| Monday 27th November, 2023

I feel like I’ve stepped to a new level both in my chess playing and in life.

It was the “life” one I spotted first. Or, more accurately, my ‘growth buddy’ spotted it. Last time we met he said I seem to have stopped backsliding.

What does he mean? Well, when you’re evolving you kinda take five steps forward and two back. Or sometimes ten back. It’s not linear by any means.

But he pointed out that even obstacles and setbacks don’t appear to cause me to step backward emotionally any more. I don’t succumb to the drasticising and dramatising of life. I simply do the next right thing. (Whatever ‘right’ means!)

I’ve seen the same transformation in my chess. After hitting 600 elo I was tentative about playing to start with. But then I started playing, just with a new attitude… “I’m not losing. Especially for a stupid reason.”

I’ve played five games since… Two wins and three draws. Draws were exceptionally uncommon before.

Yes. There’s a new paradigm to my life. And it feels great!


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