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Swimming Against The Tide

| Friday 3rd November, 2023

Whatever you choose to do that goes against the ‘norm’ will be hard work. It will be frustrating. You will meet with resistance.

Whether it’s giving up booze, going vegan, not giving in to the onslaught of capitalism…

I’ve found that living in line with my values really feeds my soul, but at times it is just so fucking exhausting. Constant judgement, comments, resistance, accusation, ridicule… even if it’s only in the tiniest amounts it all adds up.

But here’s an inspiring paragraph I’ve been given to work with. I am including it here as much for me as for anyone else who might read it.

Side-step negativity, seek out the positive and remember that the world is changing slowly and you are part of that wave. It’s something to be proud of, not stressed about. Every small choice contributes to a larger change; that’s not just admirable, it’s downright inspiring.

What am I doing when I choose not to abuse animals for my habits, tradition, convenience or pleasure? I am changing the world. One tiny little bit at a time.

Imagine that. Changing the world.

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