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The Downsides of Creativity

| Tuesday 2nd April, 2024

The more I create, the more fulfilled I feel.

But also the more emotional turmoil I must endure.

I guess that is the lot of the artist… we put ourselves out there, laid bare. We don’t like it, but must do it.

To be fair, I’m not being shot at, I’m not mucking out stables… life isn’t that dangerous or nasty.

But that doesn’t negate the emotional burden.

Would I swap it for a life of dull desperation? At times I think I’d like to, but on balance, no… I’d hate that.

“Find something you love and let it kill you”. Maybe Charles Bukowski said that. Maybe someone else. I don’t think we’re totally sure. And we shouldn’t take Bukowski as a role model (other than his comfort with being totally authentic). But I totally get his point.

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