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The Gang of Five

| Monday 27th November, 2023

I have, over the last few years, really become aware of which friends and acquaintances are good to have in my life, which are so-so and which are downright toxic.

I’ve dropped the toxic ones and limit exposure to the so-so ones. But I’ve been REALLY nurturing the good ones. These are the people who are uplifting, celebratory and supportive; they’re the people who accept me for exactly who I am and who I’m becoming (they recognise that life is change and they don’t put expectations on me to be—or continue to be—anything in particular.

I’ve ended up with a gang of five.

Two of them are gay.

Three of them are in tech. Three are tattooed. Three are self-employed. Three are vegetarian. (None of these are necessarily the same three… actually, tattooed and vegetarian are the same set).

Four have become friends since 2020. Four are men (notable because I have had mainly straight female friends for large portions of my life). I’ve met four in real life (one is in the US and all our communication has been by Zoom or postcard).

Five are awesome.

Interestingly, none are musicians. Maybe that’s why my music isn’t really thriving. Perhaps I could create a gang of six?

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