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The Handwritten Web

| Friday 17th November, 2023

I’ve toyed for a while about making a fully hand-written web site.

But it would be effort. Not only to write out all of the pages, but also to scan, perspective-correct, mark-up links etc.

And it would be effort to read, unless I am extra neat in my writing (which I can be when I slow down).

But for a bit of fun I made a couple of pages, including links. [Update: since I’m purging this site of images, I’ve removed the handwritten pages. They weren’t very good anyway!]

I wrote the text in a dotted journal (I use “Scribbles That Matter”), photographed on my phone, used the GIMP package to perspective-correct (cage-transform tool) and recolour the links. I then used the online Image Map Generator [] to mark up the links.

So it’s not very exciting. But it proves it can be done.

What I realise is that editing the page will be a pain… I’ll either need correction fluid (ugly) or to rewrite any pages I want to edit.

I had come up with the idea of using the dotted journal so reusable blocks could be created and so link locations could be easily identified. I photographed and perspective-corrected at 100 pixels per cm, then scaled down for the site. It would also allow a responsive site to be built (hence the narrow column on my test page).

I realise now that using the online Image Map Generator, the precise location of links is not required, so the pages could be written much more freely.

Maybe there’s a reason we went digital for websites!

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