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The Inner Critic

| Saturday 18th November, 2023

Learning about the “inner critic” has been so transformational in my life.

Pete Walker, author of “Complex PTSD: from surviving to thriving” outlines fourteen possible ‘attacks’ that your inner critic might throw at you if you are a CPTSD sufferer [pdf]. I daresay even many people without CPTSD suffer from these attacks to some extent.

Awareness of them is life-changing because you begin to realise when you’re shifting out of reality and into the victimhood that these attacks bring.

I usually spot one within a few seconds these days, and it takes one or two deep breaths to let it go. Then I smile and move on with my day. Such a difference from my previous life where I wouldn’t be aware of the attack and simply spiral downwards into shame, guilt, apathy, misery and depression.

These attacks are not real, and the sooner we realise it, they lose their power.

Screw you, inner critic, I’ve got your number!


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