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UltraMinimal Theme

I developed the UltraMinimal WordPress theme specifically for this site but by adding a couple of customisation options I’m able to make it available to you!

Make sure you read below so your expectations aren’t too high!

Download Here: [ultraminimal-0.9.8] (MD5: d7ca11915893c5d647a423072620ee85)

Install it by going to your WordPress admin page and clicking: Appearance→Themes→Add New Theme→Upload Theme.

If you start using the UltraMinimal Theme, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list of UltraMinimal bloggers! (Unless your site is spammy, naturally).

Style Guide

The design stipulations I have for it are:

Minimum Bloat

CSS is used for the following:

Single HTML Fetch Per Page

The stylesheet (for what it’s worth) is embedded in the header. No CSS file is fetched.

100% in PageSpeed Insights

Naturally, I can’t influence the server you choose to host your site on, or any custom CSS you might implement, but this site, hosted with SiteGround, hits 100% on all scores.

I shall continue to monitor and update the theme if best practice changes

MUST Look Good in a Text-Only Browser

There are still people who use text-only browsers. The difference in experience between a modern graphical browser and a text-only browser should be negligible.


Feature Requests

I am extremely unlikely to add any features to the theme, but if you want one email me. If it fits within the design ethos I’ll consider it. Ideas that you think I would like on my own site will naturally do best!

Last updated: 23rd February, 2024 (3 months ago)

Happy to discuss anything you read here by email: