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Will Fill In Later

| Friday 22nd December, 2023

As I mentioned before, I’m looking on “Plenty of Fish” right now for a potential new partner (though very content with the idea of being alone, too!)

It amazes me how unaware some people are (and I’m not excluding myself from this… I have my blind spots!)

But when your status says “Actively seeking a relationship” and your profile says “Will fill in later” I do question just how active that seeking is!

I come to the dating game with such a different outlook to my time before. The main differences are:

I’m amazed by the number of chameleons I see there, who will “be anything” to get a date or partner. There are those who don’t know, or express themselves in any meaningful way.

A great example is: “Into most things”. I would be willing to bet I could come up with fifty things he isn’t into!

And the biggest red flag I’ve seen so far:

“Nice and normal would be a start”

Apart from the unconstructive negativity (which I’m aware I’m presenting a little in this post… I will feel around why that is) it predicates on the fact that “normal” is an objective reality.

I think what it means is “not too divergent from my narrow world-view”. I also realise that it’s an excellent way to filter out people like me who he would likely find difficult to cope with, so that’s a plus for both of us!

When we really examine life, we realise that everyone is a “weirdo”… there are probably no two people whose world-views match perfectly. We only think they match when we live on assumption and repressed expression.

If we communicate openly and honestly, we realise that yes, everyone has their quirks and flaws, and that’s the beauty of it!

It’s an interesting journey so far…

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